i12 airpod


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  • Wireless listening has never been easier with these affordable Bluetooth earphones
  • Ensures a stable Bluetooth connection even when you’re up to 10-metres away from your phone
  • 12 hours of running time provides more than enough charge to see you through your commute
  • Comes complete with a USB cable & matching, glossy white charging case for convenient storage
  • Once fully charged, the case can fully top up your earphones up to four times!

i12 TWS Wireless Earbuds With Bluetooth 5.0 Description

Break free from the frustrating limitations of wired headphones with the high-quality and affordable i12 TWS White Wireless¬†Earbuds With Bluetooth 5.0. Fully compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems, effortlessly connecting these portable earphones to your smartphone won’t be an issue.

In as little as 40 minutes, these sleek i12 AirPod-like earphones feature speedy charging, so you’ll never leave the house without the option of wireless listening. Loaded with a full charge, they provide you with a generous 3 hours of music playback to keep you entertained and connected throughout the day.

Boasting high-quality sound alongside a super comfortable and secure fit, you can take these pocket-sized earphones with you anywhere! Suitable for wearing while your work out or go for a bracing morning run, once you pop these i12 TWS earphones in, they won’t budge!

With a generous 10-metre wireless distance, you can keep your precious smartphone out of harm’s way during vigorous exercise while it shuffles through your favourite motivational tracks. Not to mention, mobile-related accidents that involve catching your wired earphones on handles or hooks will be history thanks to these stylish Bluetooth headphones.

Complete with a matching white charging case that doubles up as a convenient storage box for your earphones, this case can completely regenerate the battery of your headphones four times over! With the charging case in hand, you’d benefit from a massive 12 hours of smooth, high-quality listening.


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